The Pulse of Innovation – Sir Ken Robinson Speaks at Vantage16

The Pulse of Innovation – Sir Ken Robinson Speaks at Vantage16

Last week, I joined several of my Whispir colleagues at Vantage16, a conference hosted by our partner Telstra that promotes "Insight, Inspiration and Innovation." In addition to the chance to learn what other Telstra partners are building, we had the opportunity to listen to Sir Ken Robinson (@SirKenRobinson), a creativity expert best known for challenging the education system. Here are six lessons which I took away from his presentation on "The Pulse of Innovation."

Lesson 1:

There is a link between Imagination, Creativity, and Innovation. The greatest power we have as human beings is the power of imagination. Creativity involves putting that imagination to work. And innovation is applied creativity, which is used to introduce something new and improved.

Lesson 2:

Innovation is putting good ideas into practice, and creativity is at the heart of that innovation.

Lesson 3:

People, in general, don’t always think they are creative. But every every person has profound creative powers, if they choose to develop them.

Lesson 4:

A culture of innovation means working hard to give people the right skill, processes, and tools to be creative. Innovation involves everybody, not a single person or a specific department. 

Lesson 5:

Any company can breed a culture of innovation and creativity. But it takes a conscious effort. You'll need to recognize the following about innovation:

  1. It’s about people.
  2. It involves great groups.
  3. It thrives in an ambient culture.

Lesson 6:

Building an innovative culture is not something that you do once and walk way from. Whether it's a school, government agency, large company or start-up, leaders at these organizations need to do climate control. They must recognize that the culture and company are living organisms that need to adapt to survive and thrive. Innovation is a living, breathing entity, and must be treated as such.

I find that at Whispir, I experience the imagination and creativity that Sir Ken Robinson speaks of on a daily basis, and this often directly leads to innovative solutions. You can learn more about his ideas by watching his TED Talk

The Pulse of Innovation – Sir Ken Robinson Speaks at Vantage16
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