Real Healthcare Solutions Start with Patient—Provider Communication

Whispir’s all-in-one digital communication software brings patients and healthcare providers together with simplicity, security, and innovation in mind. Explore our platform

Meet employee needs with integrated healthcare technology

Effective management in healthcare doesn’t just mean a stress-free patient experience, it also means balancing safety, costs, and legislative requirements for your entire team. Whispir helps healthcare partners facilitate first-class communications between all parties including families, pharmacies, legal, and healthcare workers across the board. With increased accessibility to internal processes and documents, your team is one step closer to focusing on what truly matters – their patients.

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Upgrade your outdated legacy systems.

According to Accenture, U.S. hospitals “waste” approximately $12 billion annually due to poor communication among healthcare providers.

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Replace multiple tools with a unified communications platform.

Staff are already overwhelmed with the number of systems in use, so save them valuable time by handling all communications from a single dashboard.

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Use Whispir without breaking your budget.

With Whispir’s SaaS communications platform, teams can implement their new outreach strategies quickly and affordably.

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Improve patient experiences with omni healthcare communications

The hospital can be a stressful place, whether you’re staff, patient, or visitor. Which means, the last thing anyone wants is to visit a second office to make appointments, get documents, or schedule follow-ups with their healthcare providers. With Whispir’s communication tools, we’ll help expand your administration capabilities with secure text messages, voice calls, online forms, surveys, and more.

Secure Communications

  • Encrypted security connections
  • Private incident response management
  • State-of-the-art data systems

Patient Care Reputation Management

  • Continually updated patient self-service portals
  • Reduce missed appointments
  • On-site registration & contact tracing

Administration Efficiencies

  • Increase operational productivity
  • Eliminate information silos
  • Improve safety for staff, patients, and visitors

Integrations For Providers

  • Facilitate collaboration between providers
  • Multilingual communication capabilities
  • Better manage the patient journey

Realize the many benefits of multi-channel communications

Reliable communications are critical to effective patient care. Healthcare providers need to be able to execute real-time communication tactics to ensure correct information is relayed. As you know, when it comes to patient engagement in healthcare settings, information becomes the source of truth, which can ultimately be the difference between help and harm.


Back up your digital communications with a trusted platform

Healthcare technology must be two things: fast and functional. When it comes to disruptions where power service, telephone lines, and/or wireless transmitters have all gone down, functional communications for healthcare and emergency services become especially critical. Whispir’s efficient communication software offers redundancy to help maintain operations.


Reliable healthcare communication channels during a crisis

There may be times when healthcare providers need to raise security alerts to internal staff in order to halt a possible threat, including communicating IT issues that may interfere with or endanger individuals. Whispir provides top-to-bottom operational communications to alert key stakeholders in the event of an emergency by using reliable, and quick cloud communications.

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Many healthcare providers trust W hispir to complement their healthcare management.

Whispir has been groundbreaking in our way of pioneering new age communication within our company. Their support team has definitely made the learning process a breeze with fast responses to virtual person to person assistance. This system has allowed us to become forward thinkers in how communication is deployed. It has been a pleasure being able to work with Whispir!


Systems Analyst Community Memorial Health System

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