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Enhance the power of ServiceNow with our free Whispir plugin

Reach stakeholders instantly via SMS, voice calls and email.

Send ad hoc messages to both staff and customers outside the ServiceNow platform.

Escalate communications from SMS to voice or conference calls.

Manage service requests, incident management or the roll-out of a new system using scenario rules to trigger the right notifications.

Full compatibility with ServiceNow’s GRC component (Governance, Risk, and Compliance) to automate your company’s GRC workflows.

Power up ServiceNow instantly

Reduce costs, resolve incidents quickly and keep your staff, customers and clients informed with our simple plugin to the Whispir platform. Empower teams with timely and relevant operational insights, delivered to the right person, through SMS, voice, or conference calls. This improved situational awareness enhances service levels through faster incident resolution, reduced support calls, and an overall improvement in customer engagement levels.


Whispir is a communications automation platform. We make it easy to deliver compelling and useful interactions by text, voice, email and voice with scenario based workflows.

Whispir & ServiceNow, better together

Reduce costs

Reduce costs

Automate notifications and cut down service desk support calls. Use reporting functionality to make data driven decisions that save time. 

Resolve incidents

Resolve incidents

Trigger conference calling to rapidly gather response teams and escalate issues. Turn message responses into automatic ticket notes. Be instantly notified when incidents occur and restore critical services quickly. 

Audit and analyse

Audit and analyse

Gain deeper insights into your incident response and management processes.


ServiceNow plugin for Whispir is available today from the ServiceNow store.