Email to SMS: Send Text Messages Directly From Your Email

Simplify your messaging and send email and SMS directly from one secure gateway

Whispir’s easy to use Email to SMS gateway allows once-off and group SMS creation from the familiar interface of email, for direct messaging to mobile.

Using one platform you can send secure SMS, voice messages, push notifications, emails amongst others all from the comfort of your browser. 

How does it work?

Using address mapping or a specially formatted email address, you can send SMS messages to anyone in your existing contact list. 

Create a new email to SMS rule in Whispir by defining your originating email domain and a ‘token’ inbound email address like

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Support two-way conversation across multiple platforms

SMS responses can be configured to automatically allocate to your email. Simply reply to that email to keep the conversation flowing.

Maximise your open rate and make your message heard

SMS helps your business cut through the noise and content overload people experience daily as well as increase the speed of notification when urgent communication is required.

Bulk SMS or single?

The Whispir platform allows you to send bulk SMS via email when a single message isn’t enough. Just log in securely from your browser or mobile and select the full list of recipients from your contacts. 

Benefits of using email to SMS



SMS has greater cut through than direct email and any other method of mobile communication, perfect for time-critical situations or events.



Works with both HTML and plain text emails, meaning Whispir can integrate with your existing system easily.

Security & visibility

Security & visibility

SMS can be more secure than email, as it does not contain potentially hazardous attachments and is also not subject to spam filters.

Low reliance

Low reliance

SMS does not require internet access and consequently can be very effective when 3G and 4G signals are not reliable.

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