Whispir's Bulk SMS Sender for Effective Communication

Quickly and safely send bulk SMS messages all from the comfort of your browser. Using our secure bulk SMS service, send thousands of messages per minute at competitive rates.

Whispir instantly connects you with your audience regardless of their preferred channel, reaching them via SMS, email, voice and more. Easily escalate unread messages to the next channel to ensure your message is received in real-time.


Communicate instantly and at scale

Get your message to the right people, at the right time with Whispir’s bulk SMS service. Urgently mobilise teams, improve staff rostering, notify employees and communicate up-to-date information to stakeholders and customers, as soon as an event occurs. 

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Why choose Whispir? 

Use Whispir’s Message Studio to compose your punchy text message in minutes as well as create and link a beautiful web page via our drag-and-drop builder, without the need for developers or designers.

Use workflows to send an SMS response to an email, a voice message response to a text, or build something completely new! The possibilities are endless.

Once you’re ready to send, quickly pick your recipient list, add personalisation and schedule the exact date and time you’d like to send using Whispir Contact Management.

Use Whispir’s robust analytics and reporting to help you identify patterns in your recipient's behavior in real-time.

The benefits of using Whispir's platform for bulk SMS

Messages are automatically sent to your global audience using local region carriers that keep the cost low for you.

Automate Whispir workflows to drive who gets what, when, and how.

Capture every interaction, analyse, test and iterate to build new capabilities and improve existing ones.

Eight+ channels, one login. Manage all your communications across voice, SMS, email, web and more from the Whispir platform.

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