Whispir How To: Template library

Our library of preset templates makes creating and sending messages across any channel faster, easier and more engaging.
Lachlan Hessing

Implemented as an extension of Whispir’s Rich Message Studio, the library allows you to create, brand, and send rich web content and communications in minutes. Let’s get started.

Accessing the template library

First, login to Whispir with your username and password. Once you’re logged in, click on your workspace name, and mouse over to “Rich Message Studio”. The first screen you’ll see is titled “Workspace Templates”, and it’s divided into a Category panel on the left, and a Templates panel on the right. In the templates panel, you can see two options: “Choose template from library”, and “Create template from scratch”. You’ll also see any templates that you have previously edited and customized here. We’re going to click on “Choose template from library”.

Selecting templates

As you can see, there are quite a few templates here for you to choose from, from parcel notifications all the way through to operational communications. Instead of searching through the full list, it’s much easier to use the Category panel on the left, which sorts the templates into divisions and departments – human resources, IT, business continuity, marketing, finance and so on. If you know the name of the precise template you are looking for, you can type it into the search area at the top of the screen. Using the Categories panel, let’s jump into “Marketing”. Here, we’ve got news updates, sales promotions, new product announcements, event invitations, and more. Say your business has a new program or product to launch and is organizing a networking and presentation event with stakeholders and customers. We've got a template here that can be a great way to make this announcement and ensure the launch is noticed by investors.

Editing and using templates

Click “Preview” to get a snapshot of how the template will look across multiple devices. You can select which channel you’d like to see with the buttons across the top. Once you have decided on a template you would like to use, click “Use this template”. From there, we’re taken to the edit screen, where you can drag & drop your own branding, change the body text, add links, maps, and other rich content, and even remove elements (or channels) you don’t need. It’s that simple.

Preparing to send your templated message

Once you’re happy with your message, click through to the Features menu, where you can specify no-reply options, security settings, message aliases and escalations just like any other communication from within Whispir. Finally, you can review your message one last time to make sure everything looks the way you want it to look. When you’re ready, click “Save” to specify a name, description, and subject for your message, along with a template thumbnail for quick identification later on. When saved, your new message template will be available in the workspace it was created. You’ll also see it next to the “Choose template from library” and “Create template from scratch” buttons, like any previously-edited template that you’ve already worked with.

That was just one example - there are over 20 others to choose from, including payment and appointment reminders, surveys, incident reports, emergency warnings, field staff check-ins, and more - straight out of the box.

Get the message out quickly and effectively with Whispir's template library.