The Digital Broker: Automating your Buyer’s Journey

Paul Aynscough

Word of mouth is still very much the bread and butter of business development and lead capture in the mortgage broker industry.

92% of people trust referrals from people they know and results in a 37% higher retention rate.

For professional services in brokerage roles, this is especially important for creating a successful sales funnel and critical in scaling every brokerage. 


The buyer’s journey in 2021

The state of sales prospecting in 2021 is clear; prospects are fickle, prospects expect constant connection and they want to hear from you, not a third party or unqualified customer service representative.

The key is to automate your prospects experience based on the buyer’s journey model. Lead them to your intended outcome as they move from the awareness and consideration phases right down to purchase and ultimately become evangelists for your brokerage.


The key to nurturing your prospects is through a light touch in the beginning, and steadily increasing your direct connection as they continue with your business.

In a recent report from Hubspot, data reveals 19% of buyers want to connect directly with a salesperson in the awareness phase of their buying process. As for the other 81%, a connection is still required without imposing a sense of commitment on a prospect.

The want for direct contact with salespeople increases greatly by the consideration stage, up to 60% only for the number to fall to 20% at the decision phase.

This interchanging demand for connection tied with statistics like 76% of sales emails are never opened, 18 points of contact per prospect are required and at least 50% of prospects aren’t the right match for your service; personalised automation is the only way to manage relationships for upscaling brokerages.


Whispir’s multi-channel capabilities for professional service firms

Whispir allows you to create automated marketing and client communications. Whispir’s digital communications platform lets you build messages with a drag-and-drop studio, visually map communication workflows and gain insightful reporting for your next campaign. 

Create multiple pathways that provide specific communications depending on how each contact responds at each stage of their journey.

These workflows can be designed to send targeted messages to customers via SMS, which can include further links to purpose-built landing pages.

The benefits of Whispir for Mortage Brokers:

  • Stay top-of-mind with clients who are not yet ready to proceed.
  • Provide bite-sized, educational content that’s relevant to each contact.
  • Be more efficient with a personalised, automated client communications solution, at scale.

Whispir’s capability not only empowers you to navigate the digital space with ease but to dramatically improve your client’s experience.


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