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A Guide to Multi-Channel Communications for Insurance Industry Leaders


Multi-Channel Marketing and Automation for Independent Insurance Agencies

As an independent insurance agency, you want to maximise engagement at every step of the customer journey. That includes nurturing leads, onboarding new policyholders, resolving claims, or managing renewals and referrals. Each touchpoint requires effective communication between the agent and customer in order to provide the best service possible and keep them engaged. Whispir houses a multi-channel messaging and marketing automation engine in a modern, easy-to-use platform to help you streamline your communications and business processes. 

Converting an enquiry into a lead

SMS is a popular and effective marketing channel for businesses small and large, with a 98% open rate and a 45% response rate. SMS becomes even more powerful when it’s combined with  other channels such as web and email. 

  • High engagement, personalised marketing

Using an automated workflow such as SMS-to-form or an SMS that takes leads to a personalised web page with a special promotion,  you can both streamline your first interaction and increase engagement. That means you never miss an opportunity to convert an enquiry into an engaged lead. 

  • Frictionless lead conversion

As new leads visit your website and submit a new enquiry via your Whispir powered webforms, your automated workflow will trigger an outgoing SMS.

  • Easy to deploy, high-touch relationship building 

Easily send a quick follow up email or SMS via the platform for any inbound phone calls you receive. You can set up an internal form to be used by your agents who receive a call to quickly fill out and trigger an outgoing SMS or email to the lead.

Nurturing the lead

With Whispir, you can elevate your SMS marketing campaigns by designing code-free, on-brand web pages. The platform helps you easily build a dynamic, interactive layer to your communications that email or SMS cannot deliver on their own. 

  • Increase kept appointment numbers

Automations help you deliver engaging experiences for your customers as well as easily send appointment reminders and streamline status updates and next steps.

  • Build trust

Make a great impression and build trust from the start by confirming names, dates and appointment times, and introducing specialists within your organisation via video message to your customers.. 

  • Compete with the big brands

Delight every customer and increase ROI and conversions with at-scale personalisation fields. Use interactive messaging components like surveys, clickable buttons, video player and more to engage your customers and build social proof. Show off policy options clearly, dynamically and compellingly without the need for design resources.  

  • Capture the info for policy estimates

Flexibly manage form inputs to automate communications or policy options depending on customer responses. Then, set up ongoing automated appointment reminders since your customer’s last consultation. 

Converting to a policyholder

Whispir’s interactive messaging components and web forms let you include the information your customers need ahead of or after their appointment. Build forms to make sure you can efficiently capture all the details you need to formulate the policy and coverage. 

  • Increase your competitive edge when converting a policyholder

Generate personalised policy recommendations and quotes or send reminders and collection alerts. Great looking templates and repeatable automations allow you to deliver customised, efficient communication. This can empower you to retain your local SMB touch and match the big brands when it comes to a great digital customer experience and journey - giving you the edge over corporate D2C brands. Your customers will welcome the efficiency of the digital tools combined with being a local agent who cares about them.


Create net promoters out of your new and repeat customers

Set up an automated campaign to prompt customers to provide a Google or social media  review. Automated emails and texts can be sent post-enquiry or service resolution to get real time feedback that helps promote your business. Streamline reviews and testimonials workflows to build loyalty and increase trust in your brand, organically and effortlessly.

  • Build review campaigns

Best practice, quickstart templates allow you to configure and send personalised communication on a channel that works best (SMS, Email, WhatsApp) with a form or survey asking how you did. If customers give you a 5 star review, trigger an SMS to them with a link requesting a positive Google review. Follow up a week later with an SMS to check they are still happy and if they would like to refer their family and friends. 

Proactive workflows and communication, with the initiative led by your business rather than your customer, consistently delivers the best results. 

Final thoughts

Your time is valuable and every minute spent on admin is time that could be spent building relationships and nurturing customers. While campaigns and automations require initial set up, you’ll save time and increase engagement with your customers in the long run. Whispir is quick to get going with and easy to use - there’s no need to hire developers to build out your automations. Of course, our team of experts are always available should you ever need help. You’ll also be working with a platform with the flexibility to scale as your agency grows.

To learn more about how you can streamline your communications and increase engagement with Whispir get in touch to book a free demo and kick off your free trial.