Melbourne’s BalloonMan rising in the world of cloud-communications

Paul Aynscough

Melbourne-based hot air balloon operator BalloonMan is one of the latest small business operators to join the Whispir platform.

Using Whispir’s centralised contact and communications platform allows the tour operator to manage and improve their customer experience while reducing manual procedures.


Uplifting customer service

As a premier tourism operator above the city of Melbourne, Australia, BalloonMan needed to communicate with patrons quickly and digitally to organise, confirm and update their customers each day before operating.

As a hot air ballooning business, their operations are easily affected by weather conditions on the day. This reliance on peak weather conditions means their operations are immediately affected in the event of bad weather and created a need for effective and reliable communications.

In order to manage and maintain constant communications and updates, BallonMan administration staff need to constantly update customers, particularly ahead of any potential cancellation in the early hours of the morning. 

As a result, the business faced a considerable challenge in managing the logistics within their operations and needed a centralised platform to provide a streamlined, two-way communications system.


The cloud-communications solution

BalloonMan leveraged the capability of the Whispir platform to build and cultivate a communications system that allowed administration staff to effectively contact and connect with every customer.

Using Whispir’s cloud-communications capability, BalloonMan’s booking confirmation system now allows for the administration staff to send SMS and email messages that link to rich content messages that entail comprehensive event information and provide customers with interactive prompts to confirm booking and pick-up, enhancing the business's customer experience.

Since Whispir’s implementation, the business sends between 1,500 and 2,000 SMS and email messages a month to the customers to ensure each tour is managed without disruption to communication and connection.

Flying high

Since Whispir’s integration into BalloonMan’s communications system, all B2C communications are now managed, tracked and executed within the single platform which has dramatically reduced the communication friction with customers.

“The potential disruptions weather can cause our business is worsened by our operation time frames. We pick up our customers before dawn and need to make sure if there is any cancellation, that they are impacted as little as possible.

Now, we can send our customers a message using SMS or email which hyperlinks through to a rich message that gives customers more information about their tour as well as a prompt to confirm their booking.

Our communications look more professional and have made organising our tour groups so much easier.”

- Jenny Whiley, Administrator, BalloonMan


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