Infographic - Innovation in the Digital Age

Dennis Adonis

The race is on to disrupt or be disrupted!

Digital technologies are dramatically changing the way customers in all industries access goods and services, and whole supply chains are having to adapt to these rapidly evolving technological shifts.

Innovative companies, especially tech focussed startups are exploiting these new opportunities, and incumbent organisations are being challenged to respond, or face the real prospect of going out of business.

Industry leaders believe that up to40 percent of current top 10 incumbents(across all industries) will be displaced by digital disruption by 2020

The Operational Communications Handbook examines the drivers of digital disruption and the key pathways being pursued to urgently embrace innovation, including:

  1. Digital Partnerships - the global growth of digital partner ecosystems opening access to innovation, skills, scale and reach;
  2. Investing in development - new software development practices, e.g. Microservices, designed to accelerate the speed to market of new capabilities; and
  3. Buying in capabilities (SaaS) - cloud computing to grow at a 30 percent CGR from 2013 through 2018 vs 5 percent growth for overall enterprise IT.