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Your COVID-19 Vaccine Communications Plan


Improving COVID-19 Vaccine Intent Through Better Communication

Melinda Jennings

Intention to receive the COVID-19 vaccination has remained relatively high in Australia since the pandemic began. Back in May 2020, one poll found that 65% of participants said they’d accept a COVID-19 vaccine. However, in November of that year this dropped to 56%.

While that’s a small drop, it came with a bump-up in uncertainty. 27% of respondents were in the ‘maybe’ camp in May 2020, which jumped to 31% in November 2020. Further research shows that one of the main demographics showing the most distrust is women aged 30-39

There are several potential reasons for this - including mistrust in general due to women’s health being massively under-researched. For local governments trying to tackle this uncertainty and disseminate accurate information about the COVID-19 vaccine, effective communication is key.

Utilising multi-channel communication to tackle non-intent

Effectively communicating with Australians who have high levels of mistrust in the COVID-19 vaccine is possible through multi-channel communication. Utilising SMS, mobile-friendly web pages, voice messaging, emails, and more, local governments can make sure the right messages are going to the right people at the right time.

Diversifying the way in which communications are sent out means that citizens are reached on the platforms they use. Rich messages and landing pages are also critical in reflecting and resonating with all communities.

How Whispir can help

  • Reach everyone

COVID-19 affects everyone, so it’s important to make sure your communication reaches all members of the community. Those with the least access to technology could well be the most vulnerable, but by using SMS, voice, and social media people can be reached and helped.

  • Build automated workflows without technical support

Whispir lets you create communication workflows without the need for IT. Removing these dependencies and blockers gives communication teams control of campaign timings.

  • Mobile-first

Our mobile-first approach has helped us foster some of the highest engagement rates for local governments around the world. This, along with our multi-channel options, ensures your COVID-19 vaccine communications are optimised for accessibility.

  • Build automated, proactive messaging

Be proactive and build messaging in Whispir that can be quickly sent out if and when the need arises. This ensures people are kept up to date with the facts, and counters the negative impact of misinformation being spread.


Learn more about how effective communication can improve vaccine intent and ultimately speed up the vaccination process in your community – download our free COVID-19 vaccine communication guide today.