4 Simple But Impactful Communication Tips for Auto Repair Shops

Melinda Jennings

The automotive repair industry is incredibly saturated, so having an edge over your competition can make a significant impact on your business’ success. One of the key ways you can differentiate is in the way you communicate with your customers – both existing and prospective.

Creating engaging, powerful messages doesn’t have to take all your time and effort, either. We’ve put together four simple but impactful tips that you can start using today, to transform the way you do business.

1. Tap into the power of SMS

On average, SMS messages have an open rate of 98%, compared to an open rate of just 20% for emails. On top of that, 90% of people read a text message within three minutes of receiving it.

SMS is easier to respond to, especially compared to phone calls that can interrupt the workday and go unanswered. Therefore, if you really want to create engaging communications, SMS is the way to go.

SMS can be used for everything from updating customers about their repairs, to rapidly responding to enquiries. Using Whispir, you can also automate your SMS messages so they get sent at a certain time (i.e. when a booking is confirmed), and create two-way communications that capture responses (such as “confirm” or “cancel”) and send back a relevant text.

2. Send regular updates to your customers

When a customer brings their vehicle in for repair or a service, it can be a bit nerve-wracking waiting for a diagnosis to find out how much work needs to be done. Staying on top of communications and sending regular updates can help your customers feel more at ease. This will make them more likely to return to your business in the future, and, of course, help you attain those golden word-of-mouth recommendations.

3. Have a system in place to follow up previous customers

As you well know, cars need regular servicing. If you’ve serviced a customer’s car once, chances are in around six months they’ll need another. Rather than waiting and hoping they return, you can use an effective (and simple) communication strategy to recapture their business.

With Whispir, you can segment groups of contacts (for example, everyone within the month of May who received a service) and then automate a message to be sent to everyone within that group after a certain period of time.

4. Engage your customers for feedback and reviews

The power of positive reviews cannot be understated – in fact, around 93% of people read online reviews before making a purchase. The same goes for how much of an impact asking for feedback can make to your business, both in helping you find ways to improve, and making sure your customers feel heard.

Gaining reviews and feedback can be as simple as following up with customers after you’ve completed their repair or service. You can also use Whispir’s pre-built form for gathering customer feedback, or to set up automated messages to be sent out prompting customers to leave a review on Google or social media.


For more ideas on how you can make a positive impact on the way you engage and communicate with your customers, check our guide for auto repair shops