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Whispir is the cloud-based communication platform that you’ve been searching for. Using cutting edge technology, Whispir brings all your text and voice messaging, email, social media exchanges and more together in one place that you can access across devices. It helps businesses connect with clients and staff in new and engaging ways that encourage openness, innovation and feedback.

the process:


Whether you’re sending a text or voice message, an email or push notification, video conferencing or connecting via social media, the Whispir platform makes it easy to engage with business colleagues and clients in one place using the medium they prefer.


Choose from over 60 pre-built components to create your own interactive templates that will enable you to collect and share information, import or export documents, provide directions, play a variety of media and so much more.


Free up more time to focus on aspects of your business that require the human touch by automating key repetitive tasks like reminders, various aspects of customer marketing, etc.


Understand your audience and make data-driven decisions that save time and money with our intuitive reporting features.

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whispir in numbers

1 single sign-on platform with a powerful api to facilitate any scenario or workflow



pre-built drag-and-drop components including image carousels, feedback sliders, Google maps, media players and more


communication channels: email, text and voice messaging, social media, web pages, conferencing, push notifications and chat


unique uses, from small tasks like appointment reminders to solving larger challenges like automating processes for a mobile workforce


API requests per month for quick, effective and targeted communications

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